Zara high heel boots - DIY (upcycle)

I bought these boots about 2 years ago, in fact I bought two pairs of the same boots from Zara simply because (as I mentioned in Mondays post) I find it so difficult to find boots to fit my ankles. Its safe to say these boots have had their time, I wear them practically everywhere because they are comfy have a thick enough heel to wear them for the day - I just can't let go of them UNTIL I find a new pair. My search however for new boots however has been less than fruitful. So I thought hmmm I work with leather and shoes all the time there must be something I can do to bring them back to life. I assessed my boot situation and figured that with a bit of the right polish and a little touch up with the right leather at the front they could look as good as new. I figured that I also wouldn't be the only person with this problem, so I took pictures along the way. Heres how I did it...


I found some leather I had laying around from my mountain of leather that I've collected over the last year - I chose something quite thick to brave the wear and tear. I decided where the boot needed a cover up - the leather at the front of my boots had worn away so I decided that would be the best place to start. I measured the width and length I'd need to cover and cut the leather accordingly.


I wanted a curved finish on the ends of the piece of leather so that when they are placed on the shoe the overall look felt whole, to do this I marked half way through the piece which was approximately 3cm along and then I marked 1 centimetre from the end. From the one centimetre mark I drew a curved line to the  bottom corner. I then cut this with a clicking knife. (a craft knife works just as well) I then folded this over at the centre mark to make sure I have the same curve on the other half. Remember to make a second one for the other shoe!


Using the centre marks on the two pieces of leather, with a silver pen lightly draw around the leather pieces on the shoe, so you know where they are going to be placed and where you need to put the shoe glue. This particular glue is used especially for shoes and is a contact adhesive so remember to glue both surfaces to get a solid bond. Before sticking them together, leave both surfaces to dry for 10 minutes so that they can get tacky, then just simply attach the leather to the shoe using the silver markings you made earlier to guide them into the right place.

...and there done, a clean with a suede brush and polish will finish them off perfectly!

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