Shoe: Contemporary Footwear 
by Inspiring Designers 

Olivier Dupon

I LOVE a good coffee table book, I mean who doesn't? This book ticks all the boxes, it covers 32 designers that are currently working world wide and the pages are full with sketches, swatches, illustrations and samples of the very shoes that have graced our phone screens (at some point) scrolling through Instagram. I could flick through the pages for hours, the descriptions compliment the pages perfectly; there is just the right amount of text - these books are all about the imagery and why the hell not when they feature such beautiful shoes. Personally, this book has been an eye opener and has certainly inspired me with design and if you're not a designer this book is perfect for guess what? a coffee table (ha!) so you can sit and adore shoes to your hearts content. The book is available on Amazon at £43.20 - perfect for a christmas gift or a stocking filler.

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