Last year, like most people in the fashion industry, Premiere Vision was the place to be. Paris is one of those amazing places, and even though I had been several times before, this was the time where I completely fell in love with the city. At this time I had already packed in my job and completely immersed myself into footwear. I wanted to know the ins and outs of the industry and part of getting to know the industry was watching trends and styles that were becoming popular. Then came the unthinkable, (mostly I'm a shy girl - I'm loud around people I know or only with some dutch courage, would I ever think of doing the following..) my cousin encouraged me to ask people where their shoes were from if I said 'ooo her shoes are nice'. This was a completely mortifying concept especially in Paris, where it quickly became a game of charades, since my french is terrible. In came the Senso shoe brand. A  name that repeatedly cropped up when I asked where the interesting shoes were from. (Parisians are in a league of their own when it comes to effortless style and class) I have been following them on Instagram for some time now, and its safe to say they're here to stay. Their story consolidates just how much longevity the brand has. Starting from a husband and wife duo in the 1980s in Australia, to injecting some fresh and youthful designs by the input of their daughters, they had one main goal of branching out into boutiques all over the world. They have completely turned the business around but have stayed true to their roots with style thats  classic yet obscure with a subtle sense of luxury - What else could you ask for?

I leave you with some of my favourite shoes from their current season!


'Quarry III'

'Riley - V'

'Riley IV'

F - Senso
T - @senso
I - @senso

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