There will always be a very special place in my heart for Reiss, 1) it was one of my dads favourite shops and it always reminds me of him and 2) during my uni days I used to work on Saturdays and Sundays in the flagship store on Barrett Street as a sales assistant. I know people often have terrible memories of pain staking hours spent on your feet all day Saturday and Sunday (usually made more of a struggle because of the heavy drinking the night before) but I genuinely enjoyed working there. Changing room duty was one of my particularly favourite jobs to do because it meant helping customers pick out clothes and most conveniently of all standing right next to the shoe and accessories section! The shoes were always so well designed and I always looked forward to new season stock. My work colleagues and I absolutely adored all the shoes and we would all discuss which ones we were going to buy with our next wage and they have brought that feeling back all over again with the 'Wayland'. It has ticked all the boxes for this seasons trends, I just adore them, the monochrome theme is still a trail blazer and I just love the organic pattern on the front. It's sure to jazz up any outfit - be it a casual day time ensemble or an elegant wedding event.

F - Reiss

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