Heel Protectors

With Ascot and the Wedding season well underway, these babies are just what you are looking for. I saw these heel protectors on a lady at a dear friends wedding i was at on the weekend and thought they were just genius! I hate when my heels sink into grass and its inevitable that if your at ascot of a wedding yout heels are bound to bear the brunt from being on the grass, either for photos or for placing your bets if you're at the races. The heel protectors are cheap and easy to source and the best thing is you'll never have to worry about ruining your heels ever again. They are available in clear and black, (personally the clear plastic works best as it goes with everything) and indifferent sizes to go over different sized heels. There are a number of brands that you can buy them from but eBay has a great selection. You'll either love them or hate them, but for (on average) £2 you can afford to try them and make the decision for yourself!

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