5 Tricks To Wearing Heels Without Pain!

Women all over the world have at one point suffered from ill fitting shoes, and this isn't always because of the heel height - I've worn a number of flat shoes that have completely crippled my feet too, even converse and sneakers have  given me pain. While being a model years back, there were many a runway shows where I would have to shove my feet into shoes 2 sizes smaller or bigger than my own feet. Even though it was totally fun walking down the runway inside I'd be terrified of doing a 'Naomi' and face planting the floor in front of crazed photographers. BUT! through these experiences, speaking to other models and backstage stylists I've learn't tonnes of tricks that not only help other models but the women that surrounded me on a daily basis, along with all the tricks I have learnt while interning. So I give you.. 5 tricks that will change your life...you'll never have crippled feet ever again!


Cotton Wool - always keep a couple cotton wool balls in your handbag. They are easy to get your hands on and don't cost much to replace! Most leather shoes give after a while so in time they tend to get a little bigger than you'd like them to be. Simply stuff some cotton wool balls into the toe of your shoe until the shoe fits like a glove. It works a dream! 


Hairspray - rough up the soles of your shoes with a scourer and then spray some hairspray - it'll make walking in shoes ten times easier!


Hairdryer - In bespoke footwear the trusty heat gun is an absolute god send. At the back and front of a shoe there is a thermo plastic thats placed in between the upper and inner to keep the shape of the shoe rigid. To get this plastic in place its heated and moulded onto the shoe - not all but most leather shoes work this way. Since the back and front of shoes are usually the problem areas - using a hairdryer, lightly heat the front and back of the shoe and then place a shoe stretcher in, and then you've guessed it apply some more heat and let them stand for a bit and HEY PRESTO - comfy shoes!


Ever had a new pair of shoes where the soles are just so shiny and slippery that walking on any surface is the difference between walking like a new born deer (I always think of Bambi taking his first steps) and being slumped on the floor? I learn't a trick backstage, and the answer - Coke - or any other fizzy drink you can get your hands on. All the girls back stage would go through the process of dabbing fizzy coke with cotton wool or tissue onto the sole of the shoe and waiting for them to dry before we hit the runway. When the coke dried it left a sticky residue (all the sugar) which made it easier to walk on any of the surfaces that came our way whatever show it was.

Avoid oily/greasy lotions - I hate dry feet! Im constantly creaming my feet but when it comes to wearing heels the lotion I use tends to make my feet slip and slide inside my shoe causing all sorts of pain! The trick is to use a non oil based lotion OR once you have creamed them rub a towel over them  to wipe away excess cream! A little spray of deodorant inside the shoe also works a charm!

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