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Brother Vellies - Beaded Maasai Sandal

I have been following the progress of this amazing handmade footwear brand for the best part of a year. I know with summer officially over sandals are totally out of the question, BUT! there is no harm in admiring a pair of sandals that can get you one step ahead of the game for next summer, I mean after all fashion month is all about what to wear next season. These beautiful Beaded Maasai sandals tick all the boxes. To top this the brands whole ethos is about sustaining footwear artisans in South Africa, Kenya and Morocco, which whacks their 'cool' points up tenfold. They have had a big month with fashion week in NY, where their presentation went down a storm. The Beaded Maasai Sandal were by far my favourite, I have a thing for tribal prints if you hadn't noticed already! The whole collection was a success, the styles reflecting the fashion of where they were made. I absolutely adore the textures used on all of the shoes creating a fresh new look in footwear. I can't wait to see what they have in store for us in the seasons to come!

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