I've had an obsession with New York ever since I was a teenager, I've made it a life goal to move out there at some point of my life  (I'm willing it into existence!) and thankfully my boyfriend is fully supportive of it too. I can't quite describe the exact allure of NY -  it just has this magnetism about it that draws me in whenever I read or watch anything about the place. I have visited NY twice and both times were completely different experiences - the two things that stayed the same though, was the NY buzz and the fashion forward citizens - the two bits I love most about the city. So of course when I came across Shoes of NYC on Instagram I gave them an instant follow, and while it fed my obsession with NYC it also fed my footwear addiction (as the names suggests) along with new footwear brands to keep up with. Their website also offers you a shopping feature if you see a pair you can't resist! Definitely worth a follow!

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