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Sergio Rossi  X  Eco Age

The idea of being eco friendly has always seemed like an achievable task with clothing, slightly more expensive but achievable. For any quality footwear brand eco friendly materials I've always thought were rare until very recently when I was introduced to Eco Leather - again slightly more expensive but eco friendly none the less. Actual awareness of its availability or rather its sourcing has come a long way since the 90's and 00's but actually incorporating and making eco friendly materials 'cool' has only really taken off in the last few years where large fashion houses have actively endorsed it use. Brands have become eco aware and are doing as much as possible to fuse these materials into every day life. Sergio Rossi is the first big name in footwear that have actively gone about launching a new "green carpet" footwear collection due for release today! - with only a handful of other independent designers who have done the same. I think its an increasingly important responsibility that all brands should be taking into account so this week (and rightly so) Sergio Rossi X Eco Age collection are crowned shoe of the week. The butterfly inspired, evening shoes were created in Italy using organic silk yarn, woven in Italian factories regulated and validated by GCC and Eco Age - a  brand consultancy specialising in sustainability, headed by Collin Firths wife Livia Firth. This is a huge accomplishment for not only the Sergio Rossi brand but also the Fashion industry - something that will hopefully effectively encourage other footwear and fashion brands to do the same.

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