Today we are talking about Heelusions; a new shoe accessory that has hit the market in a very special way. I'm always looking for ways to change a shoe according to what I'm wearing and of late shoe accessories have become very popular. At the start of the year I wrote a post on accessory brand Cleo B, now while this brand decorates the shoe with elaborate clips at the front of the shoe, Heelusions does something a little different, they decorate the back of the shoe while also offering additional protection from wear and tear. They have great collections in stock that appeal to a range of ladies, whether you're style is subtle or quirky. Definitely worth a look at if you need a nice change that won't break the bank or cost the earth like a new pair of designer heels would. I have been in correspondence with the lovely team at Heelusions who are in the process of setting up international shipping via the website for us in the UK. If however you're super keen on getting your hands on some of the collections  straight away you can contact Heelusions directly via info@heelusions, where I'm sure you'll be contacted swiftly by their lovely customer services.  

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