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Let’s talk about Pom Poms. Now they have featured in many a runway show for the last few seasons, and at first I have to say I wasn’t so keen, however of recent I have really grown accustom to them and especially on shoes. (And bags - I still don’t know where I stand with pom poms on clothes) though they are an acquired taste when it comes to personal style and fashion, I decided that it was probably a style you would have to slowly grow into. So when I found these clip on Cleo B pom poms for your shoes I became utterly obsessed and thought it was a great way to stay on trend. I mean whats not to like about them? it technically means you have created another pair of shoes! 

Cleo B have designed a range of shoe clip accessories and they don’t just stop at your heels, you can clip them onto flats - and for you sneakerheads out there, your high tops to. They do come at a bit of a hefty price tag, so I would advise choosing something classic that has the power to jazz up a number of outfits so you can get the most use out of them. I absolutely adore the pink or black pom poms and the Hollywood collection (The Hollywood Natalie Sapphire clips are beaut! and I have imagined a number of my own outfits with that particular pair) The range that's been designed is varied so there is a good choice to choose from, especially if you want to add a quirky edge to your shoes or outfit for an event or a casual shopping trip. I think the shoe clips work best on block colour heels and also work amazingly well with contrasting colours and patterned shoes. Have a look below to see my favourite picks and how fashionistas have paired up their shoe clips. 

'Pom Pom' Collection Shoe Clips  Left black, Centre Pink, Right Coral, (available faux or fur)
 Small (Fur, 6cm) £43,
Medium (Fur, 8cm) £52,
Large (Fur,9cm) £55.

Left - 'Art Deco' Riviera Collection Shoe Clip (1 Size) £48,
Centre - 'Hollywood Mila Peach' Hollywood Collection Shoe Clips (1size) £85,
Right - 'Hollywood Mila Jet' Hollywood Collection Shoe Clips (1 size) £85.

'Hollywood Natalie Sapphire' Hollywood Collection Shoe Clips (1size) £65.

Cleo B Instagram (@cleo_b_london)

Cleo B also have a great range of luxury footwear which obviously compliment the Shoe Clips, they are very practical and come in great designs and colours. Worth a look if you are searching for a stand out pair of heels for a special event.

Keep your eyes peeled for a little DIY project i'm working on if you want to create these clip on accessories for your own shoes!


(have a look for some great examples of ways fashionistas have accessorised their shoes)

£35 upwards 
(there are some great steals to be had in the sales)

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