'Malikah' - Oscar Tiye

Much to my excitement, my sister purchased a pair of Oscar Tiye ‘Malikah’ heels in black suede (never felt more annoyed at myself for having bigger feet than her), so naturally they have been crowned Shoe of the Week. Now if you’re a shoe addict like me you have probably seen these shoes doing their rounds  on every social media outlet possible. I was instantly hooked when one of my good friends told me about the creative director Amina Muaddi (she is absolutely stunning and  practically a brand in herself) she is every bit the fashionista, her style is sophistcated and elegant which is why people have completely fallen for her eponymous brand Oscar Tiye. The Malikah heel is the brands ‘it’ shoe and its pretty obvious as to why. They are both sexy and sleek and represent every bit of the brands ethos.

Jordanian born, Muaddi has taken inspiration and influences from Egyptian history and culture which is how the brands name was derived. The logo, a simplistic scarab often associated as a lucky charm features on every shoe and the wings that wrap around the ankles are inspired by egyptian drawings, carvings and hieroglyphics. I bet you're thinking I wouldn't mind having a pair of those? Well feast your eyes on these; I have picked out my favourite styles from the 2014 range all with similar elements, which I'm sure you'll just love.

Fall Winter 2014 Minnie Sandal

Fall Winter 2014 - Amira Plateau

Spring Summer - Cleopatra Sandal

Spring Summer - Casandra Tall

Spring Summer - Zoe

Spring Summer - Jamila

Spring Summer 2014 - Petra


(I love her fashion sense and how she styles the shoes with different outfits)


Sexy and Sophisticated
Only F/W and S/S 2014 collections are available at the moment

£200 upwards (varies depending on which site you are purchasing from)

Stockists UK
Online Avenue32.com (massive reduction on the Malikah Heels in Black and Yellow right now girls, definitely worth a check)  

Take your pick really - the Celebs are absolutely loving them, but a few of my faves have to be Zoe Saldana, Sarah Rafferty (Donna from Suits - Eeekkk!), Heidi Klum and big time blogger Aime Song.

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