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The Shoe Book - Assouline
Nancy MacDonell 

I was given this book as a leaving present from my old job and since, I have used it more than most of the other books on my book shelf (and there are alot of books on those shelves), so the secrets out - I love a good book, whether its a riveting novel or a good old coffee book. Assouline are well known publishers for their luxurious, graphically dynamic books on fashion, design culture and Life Style, so as soon as I unwrapped the shoe silhouette wrapping paper from the book I was grateful and impressed by how well my colleagues knew me.  Well designed books are my thing - I’m a perfectionist when it comes to page setups - I get a nervous twitch when I notice things aren't straight, in line or order - some might call it OCD (or CDO if I had it my way - ha!) but I reassure myself that its just one of my quirks. This book sits comfortably within the coffee book genre which is one reason why I love it, here are 5 more reasons:

Great inspiration for designing.

It’s in essence a picture book with great qoutes from Celebs, Footwear and Fashion Designers. (Whats not to like about that - everyone loves a good qoute to start their day right)

The front cover is extremely lux (sort of cushiony - I wouldn't expect anything less of Assouline) so it makes for a great present to a shoe fanatic and on that note reasonably priced.

Beautifully made and designed - The content is varied stretching between the first style of shoe designed to modern day shoes and sneakers including eras that influenced the footwear industry. (all makes for short interesting reads to relax with)

All the images are well referenced so you can have a little search online if you are particularly intrigued or curious about any of the shoes featured in the book.

So what are you waiting for? Grab that coffee and head to your nearest book store, or better still grab a copy and find your favourite reading nook.


Nancy Macdonell



Stockists UK
(a.k.a Maison Assouline - The first international flagship store - idyllic reading space)
Waterstones (selected stores)



Amazon (online) - £32
Waterstones (online) - £32

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