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‘Mojito’ - Julian Hakes

When architects release a conceptual (and realised) footwear design, I know I’m in for a treat. After my visit to the Killer Heels Exhibition in NYC one particular gallery discussed the strong relationship between architects and footwear design which resonated with me. Architects, I have come to realise are always searching for the next innovative method of reproducing a conventional object but using ergonomics and design as a way to lead and inform the design process.

Julian Hakes has done just that. His ‘Mojito’ shoe leads by example, he went about designing footwear using an architects head, analysing the stresspoints on a shoe and using that as his basis of this design. Now to look at, the shoe looks like a beautifully sculpted piece of art work thats aesthetically pleasing on the eye, but for me the genius part is that this design wraps aound the foot without any sign of the footplate giving the illusion of a light and organic shape. For me this design sits right in the middle of the age old question; form over funtion, or function over form? It functions just as well as any other type of footwear but has completly turned the conventional design of a shoe on its head.

It has featured in lots of press material in the last few months, and of recent they have been cropping up on a number of fashion blogs. I think the design deserves every bit of praise it has coming its way, I’m looking forward to seeing how they play out in the world of fashion and how stylists and bloggers pair them up in everyday fashion which is exactly what they were made for.

Personal favourites:

Mojito - Bronze and Bronze £159.99

Mojito - Purple and Nude £174.99

Mojito - Electric Blue and Pewter £174.99

A number of colours to choose from (check the website for choices)

£135 upwards

Stockists UK

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