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The hardest decision to make when I'm going on holiday is choosing the right shoes to take with me (I’m sure every woman at some point has been faced this dilema) especially if your activities during your holiday are varied. I still always end up taking 6 pairs irrespective of how much I ponder over it! On Saturday I will be flying out to India, part business part pleasure. Delhi will be the first stop to bid a final farwell to my late grandad, so for this part of the trip I will probably wear a pair of traditional indian footwear also known as Chapal (flip flops to you and I) or maybe even some converse depending on the terrain and weather. 

After Delhi we will be heading to Surat, known as the Diamond Capital, its the 8th largest City in India and extremely metropolitan with fashion really making an impact on their economy. (interesting fact: a staggering 92% of the worlds diamonds pass through Surat before being exported to other parts of world). So for this part of the holiday with temperatures around 30 degrees at this time of the year, I have taken my trusty wedged espadrilles, for me they are a hot holiday essential, especially for day wear as they are super comfortable and add that little bit of height which I love. (don't worry I have also packed some flat strappy sandals for when I’m fed up)

After Surat the next destination is Mumbai. Now I havent been to India in a very long time, but I’ve heard some amazing stories of how far Mumbai has come in 10 years which was the last time I was there. Its the fashion capital of India, and from what I have seen on various social media posts, I will quickly find my bearings in this beautiful newly developed city. So for this reason I have gone all out, I have taken a pair of my new favourite summer heels, an absolute steal from Zara, they are super comfy and have very quickly become a staple for the summer months. Their tribal print coordinate with a number of outfits I have packed and are just the ticket to to jazzing up an outfit for an evening meal too.

Zara - £39.99

I have also packed some flat espadrilles. Flats are always a must even for a heel lover like me, something quick and easy to slip on your feet for breakfast, short strolls and by the pool often give your feet a chance to rest between the heel wearing. The pair Im taking were looking slightly tired so I embellished them to bring them back to life.  I couldn't bare to throw them out as they are so easy to wear and match with lots of casual outfits and bikinis. (I have posted the tutorial for how I did this on

Go to diy:modista to find out just how quickly it was to revamp these espadrilles by embellishing them.

Now if that wasn't enough I have also decided to pack my very well travelled Jimmy Choo Dream Rope Tie Elaphe sandals, now I know your’re all screaming WHY?!!? but I have a good enough reason (I promise!) My generous and loving uncle and aunty, as a christmas present, gifted my whole family with staying at The Taj. Now the Taj is the creme de la creme of hotel experiences. The BBC recently filmed a 6 episode documentary looking at the intricasies of looking after such a prestigious hotel and after watching the first episode with my boyfriend this week I felt it was absolutely necessary to take them with me so I could wear them for dinners within the hotel (well thats what I tell myself). Below is the list (sigh! There's a list you guys are thinking!?!) of shoes I ended up taking with me.

Jimmy Choo - Dream Rope Tie Elaphe Sandal

Shoe List
Flat Espadrilles
Flip Flops (Chapal)
Strappy Sandals
Wedged Espadrilles
Tribal Print Sandal
Dream Elaphe Sandal

DIY Project

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