Designer - Josh Olan 

I came across Josh Olan on Instagram, and you can see why his illustrations caught my eye. The Londoner has gained a great following from his fashion illustrations, not limiting himself to drawings of clothes and fashion.  His instagram alone screams character, clean lines and a contrasting mix of white and black imagery and inspiration, much like his illustrations. I was particularly interested in the footwear concepts Olan has designed that are all drawn from the most basic of designing tools - the pencil. Now you’re probably thinking how limiting? but Olan's drawings are so intricately illustrated that the use of any other medium is just not needed; you can instantly gain a sense of materiality just from the shading and pencil strokes. I personally find drawing with a pencil daunting (unless I'm using a ruler which is probably out of habit from studying architecture) and I’m sure thats the same for many of us to, but Olan seems to show great control and talent. I look forward to seeing lots more from him, so for now I'm going to leave you with a few a of my favourite illustrations which you can also see on his his Instagram.


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