5 Reasons 
to visit the Louis Vuitton Series 3 Exhibition NOW!!!

1) A feast for your eyes, this exhibition is all about moving picture, and interactive catwalk shows with the use of digital media. My favourite part (naturally) was a recording of the bag making process, from leather cutting all the way to a full blown handmade bag. You also have the opportunity to meet one of THE Louis Vuitton bag making artisans - all french speaking so brushing up on your french may do you wonders.

2) Shoes - OF COURSE! Most of the shoes I see on the runway during fashion month come and go in a blink of an eye. The exhibition has a room dedicated to its accessories where you get to touch and feel the footwear and clothing in more detail, sometimes revealing shoes that I may have missed watching the show - one of my favourite rooms by far.

3) Staff - an odd thing to comment on but the staff were so polite and passionate that you actually noticed it! Which sounds weird to hear but it totally made our experience - they were all happy to help and talk about the exhibition.

4) At the end of the exhibition the final room opens up into a open plan cafe with a gorgeous view of London. The cafe had some beautiful cakes and sandwiches on display with Prosecco to accompany them.

5) The exhibition is FREE! I mean what isn't there to like about that? Knowledge is power my friends, who says fashion isn't educational?! I gained a real understanding of certain leather processes that I can't wait to put to good use in the studio. At the end you are also treated to 4 motifs of LV's most memorable accessory products - A cute touch to mark the end of a great exhibition.


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