Christmas Presents

So since I'm officially in work mode (and not sit around in my pjs watching movies all day mode) I have actually made the time to make sure I use all the presents I received. I would say I'm easy to buy for, it either revolves around shoes, clothes, books and if thats difficult to pick from then money. This year my family and boyfriend did exceedingly well! I often get asked for a list before christmas as does my sister of things I want. Now, there is a difference between want and need, I often just ask for the things I need, you know?! the usual items perfumes, socks, night gowns, slippers etc and then there is the 'want' list. On this list is a carefully thought out bunch of stuff that I've either been wanting for a long time or certainly pining over, but at the same time if I didn't get them I wouldn't be too upset either (does that make sense :S). I received the creme de la creme off the 'want' list; it was only the Manolo Blahnik Fleeting Gestures and Obsessions coffee table book!!!!!!! Ive spent most of my time over the last week or so flicking through the book in complete awe! (note to self - next goal; buy a pair of vintage Manolo Blahniks!) I was so excited to have received this as a present, mainly because even though it was at the top of list I didn't think in a million years I would actually get it A) it's expensive - especially for a coffee table book and B) ITS A BOOK! Crikey!... thats expensive! haha! So inevitably I have been taking great care of it and and looking through it whenever I glance over at it on my desk! My boyfriend however went way off track, presenting me with a voucher (which he had designed) for a pair of shoes...but not just any shoes....

Understandably I was totally excited and have since been searching net-a-porter for a pair of shoes I just can't take my thoughts off of! So stay tuned for what I eventually decide on picking!

I hope you all had a lovely break but for now its back to the grind! Have a fantastic first week back to work, I hope those daily routines have been helping you to find a more productive day and hopefully week ahead!



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