Could you be the next High Heels High Hopes collaborator?

I'm aware that not all women are high heel ladies, sometimes they are  straight up sneaker ladies who wear heels only for certain occasions (what?! I hear you say... "I wear my heels every day and wear them to bed"). This prompted me to do a entry (Once or twice a month) on sneakers. Since they have only really entered my life on a more full time basis with in the last year or so my ears and eyes have adjusted and I'm more aware of kicks, sneakers, chucks, creps (how ever you like to refer to them) trends. However since heels have forever got my heart High Heels High Hopes are looking for a Sneaker contributor - someone who eats and breathes sneaker trends that can contribute to our blog with the latest news on kicks. The contributor would be someone who enjoys writing but who most importantly loves to know whats going on in the world of trainers. If you are that someone or you know somebody that would be perfect for this role head over to any one of social media outlets and get in touch! We'd love to hear from you!


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