Lineapelle - Trade Fair

The footwear event of the year for London - Lineapelle, was my first time at this type of trade show yesterday; hosted at the quirky and full of character, Ham Yard Hotel. Almost every footwear designer would have attended this expo at some point of their career, whether it was in Bologna or Paris. The trade fair had conferences running through out the day and had three rooms full of leather traders from Italy - some of the best quality leathers I have ever seen. They also offered an array of fixings/fittings for footwear and leather accessories with studs in different shapes, colour and sizes which were beyond divine! For budding designers and shoe makers this was the place to gain as much knowledge and understanding about the forthcoming trends of next season. so for those of you that missed out (for the next trade show in London ill try and give you a heads up!) here are some shots of the slides at the conference and a little round up of the moods and colours that were depicted for  summer '17.


Contemporary pop (think pop art and you are on to a winner!), digital colour world, an ethno (ethnic) - pop approach that mixes cultures and their colours, comic books and video games. 


Think of the mood and colours relating to the Mad Max theme, sand, metals rusting surfaces, neutral colours that have a dark mood.


The tones of meditation, pastels, well being, light and airy tonals and lots of pale pinks and pastel greens.

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