The Little Shoe Maker

Since taking on a new career path in handmade footwear my eyes and ears have become attuned to hunting out great bespoke shoe makers. The Little Shoe Maker is just that. As his Instagram name suggests Kevin Rowley (a.k.a The Little Shoe Maker) makes shoes for little people and uses his gorgeous kids as inspiration - the tiny shoes are just as beautiful! I've always loved great shoes whether they're on kids, women and men and these hand made beauties add that little extra touch of something special. His Instagram is nothing short of inspirational (I'm hoping one day my feed will look as creative as his) with progress shots of the tiny shoes  that he is currently making (little teasers if you ask me, I can't wait to see what the shoes turn out like) His recent designs have used some wonderful metallic leathers, this along with his distinctive vintage style lasts and contemporary design overall make for some seriously cute shoes - I'm trying to find any excuse to buy a pair. Head to his website for information on whats available, or if its more the process that interests you then head to his Instagram where you will be left inspired!

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