The World Goes Pop 
Exhibition Review

Saturday I was treated to a lovely surprise day out by my boyfriend (I had no idea what I had done to deserve it!), the first stop was to the Tate (YESSSSSS!!), to see the World Goes POP. As luck would have it, we managed to catch the exhibition on its penultimate day, so of course it was busy with the last few stragglers trying to catch a view of some of the most famous Pop art pieces in the world. Each room had one wall covered in a bright colour with the art as the centre piece, in some ways the pieces came across almost surrealist even though they came under the Pop art movement, because the art works featured a lot of obscure and randomly placed items, but with the issue of mass popular culture at the forefront. The boyfriend and I were disappointed that the exhibition came to and end so soon but the gorgeous view of St Pauls at the gallery exit made it all the better, naturally we went out on to the viewing platform to take advantage of the view. Reflecting on the exhibition we headed over the millennium bridge to grab some lunch and it dawned on me, Charlotte Olympia had designed a pair of shoes with lead pop art artist Roy Lichtensteins painting on them, now while they aren't exactly my cup of tea it shows just how influential art can be, which is the main reason I visit so many exhibitions.

Charlotte Olympia Pop Art Shoes

Later we headed home where I was told to get dressed up for dinner. So dress and heels in tow (yes I know a dress in this kind of weather!) we headed out and had a lovely dinner at the Northall in the Corintha Hotel near Embankment station, the food was exquisite and the Hotel itself was decadent and beautifully fitted out, after the dinner we made our way to the bar where there was a lovely live singer with her pianist in a dim lit room - the perfect end to the night.

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