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Instagram has now become my first port of call when looking for inspiration for footwear and clothing, stylists are all over instagram taking over my explore page one amazing outfit at a time. Of late I have started noticing a caption or a tag with 'Depop'. It didn't take long for me to figure out that this was a smart app that enabled you to sell your clothing at a click of a finger. (basically a more trendy version of eBay for fashion clothing). In true Kiren fashion I ignored or rather refused to download another app for selling items of clothing since I was put off from selling on Ebay because of a few irritating experinences, but mostly because of how long winded it was to upload items on there. But after much deliberation and persuasion by some great sellers on Depop (@heartfeltink - she has some great items on there you have to check her out) I decided why not? since it went hand in hand with the leather items I have been making recently. Then it dawned on me (while I was flicking through different profiles) that I should also use it as an outlet to put my clothing and most importantly my footwear. I get through an obscene amount of shoes, simply because I love shoes, and because I like to stay on trend with the current seasons footwear, but this also meant that I was left with a load of shoes that were barely worn or still had tags on them, so Depop in actual fact has come to the rescue! So my Depop is now live!! Feel free to have a little gander, there will be a mix of hand made leather items by me along with footwear and vintage clothing - Happy Shopping!

A section of my Shoedrobe

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