Fashion month is upon us!!! Kicking off at New York.  (you're probably thinking woaaaah that came around quick! - I always feel like that too) It has got off to a great start so with a focus on footwear I have picked out the trends that are going to take Autumn by Storm (ha get it Storm and Fall) Anywho! Since we are only two days in its tough to make a definitive decision on what will filter through to London Milan and Paris however once fashion week hits London I'm sure ill be able to see a more prominent style and trend trickling through. But for now here is a little look at what I have noticed on the runways and from static shows so far.


Like everywhere! Ontop of shoes, on the insoles of shoes so that the fur peeks out (gucci sliders for instance) or like these ICB sliders and trainers.

3 Strap Sandals

I just recently bought a pair from Simmi Shoes in a rose gold pink for super cheap and they look stunning on and look pretty much like these Haney's.

Heeled Chelsea boots

Embroidered and heeled...what else could you ask for from these Rebecca Minkoff boots?

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