Paris is ALWAYS a good idea, its one of those places where there is something always going on. Luckily I made it to Premier Vision the footwear and accessories edit. It was bloody amazing - cloud 9 for footwear designers. I loved it, I went a year and a half ago for the September expo with my cousin and I had an amazing time looking through the fabrics, however with no direction for myself (I had really only gone for the know how) but this year felt less over whelming and more go goo GOOO there was so much to look at that you ended up walking and looking aimlessly. (its important to have an idea about who and what suppliers you are visiting at these expos before hand - its easy to get sidetracked with the reams of other suppliers) We had an intense look around mostly at heels and soles and once we were happy with that we went on to look around at the Leather and Manufacturing halls - instantly you can suss out whether its going to be useful to you or not. Most of the leather suppliers were whole sale so for me that wasn't very useful, I prefer buying single hides of leather but not ruling out the Leather hall completely - it was good to see what was out there in the market since technology is always changing. After a heavy morning looking around we grabbed something to eat from a aptly named restaurant at the expo called "Fauchon" (say it out loud - sounds like Fashion) the eclairs were out of this world!! After the mini sugar overdose we headed straight to BHV a department store were given a heads up about by one of the students we had taught. The section we were directed to inevitably was for footwear and even though we only came out with a crepe rubber sheet it was so nice to see a department store of its size dedicating a whole area to leather footwear and tools.

A trip to Paris isn't complete without A) a sighting of the Eiffel Tower and B) a trip to Galeries Lafayette. Of course we did both, even though we had done it a thousand times before. The epitome of Parisian chic both visits fulfilled us with the french spirit. A short walk on from the Eiffel Tower we found a slightly plush but slightly tacky bar where we took selfies and had cocktails (well a mocktail for me - 6 weeks strong with no drink! - and no i was't an addict before either!) and from there headed straight to dinner before we took a short cab ride back to Gare du Nord for our journey back home! With a lot accomplished during the day, a snoozed filled ride home was definitely on the cards!

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