Cinderella's Glass Slipper

'Well if the shoe fits' - the Glass slipper featured in the new Cinderella movie

The Glass Slipper designed in honour of the new Cinderella Movie

As a little girl the idea of a glass slipper being handed to me by some talk, dark, handsome Prince charming seemed every bit as realistic as becoming a fairy or a princess. Obviously between then and now, reality sets in, you find a real career, shoes and clothes shopping are the only thing that make you happy and if you’re lucky enough your own prince charming comes with and untold amount of lavish dinner dates, holidays and gifts (I haven't received any glass slippers yet but I’m working on it!) So when I recently saw an Instagram post about Vogue commissioning 9 footwear designers to reinvent their take on Cinderella’s Glass Slipper, immediately I thought three things all at once; 1) how did my shoe radar not know this was going on and what designers are involved?!?!, 2) Where the hell do I buy them from?! and  3) the most important question of all; how will I convince my boyfriend, mum or sister to buy them for me?!**

I hurried home to check out what designers were part of the commission and what styles were available, I was happy to see some of my favourite designers.  Designers included were; Jimmy Choo, (a given) Paul Andrew (a new favourite designer of mine since last year), Jerome C. Rousseau, Stuart Weitzmen, Alexandre Birman, Nicholas Kirkwood, Salvatore Ferragamo (a classic), Charlotte Olympia and Rene Caovilla. The illustrations alone were amazing so you can imagine what the actual shoe looked like....

** My persuasive skills are abysmal so I’ve started saving for this small but worth while (I’m convincing myself) splurge. 

Jimmy Choo


Salvatore Ferragamo


Paul Andrew


Alexandre Birman


Rene Caovilla


Nicholas Kirkwood


Jerome C. Rousseau


Stuart Weitzman


Charlotte Olympia


Stockists UK
(made to order)

I spoke to a lovely man by the name of Simon at Harrods customer services (he was very helpful and polite) to find out the prices of these shoes. He informed me of the made to order requirement and also mentioned that they do not have the Charlotte Olympia Cinderella Slipper exhibited or stocked in the store. The shoes displayed in Harrods are unfortunately for display purposes only. (I tried my luck to)

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