In Loving Memory of

S U R E N D R A   M O D I

1962 - 2013

A year ago my mum sister and I held a memorial for my dad 1 year after his death, we asked the guests to write down whatever came to their mind, when they thought about dad - a funny moment, something that stuck with them, (my dad was all about morals and lessons), a golfing memory or something that just made them smile when they thought of him. We have had these notes in the hall way of our house since the memorial and every time we walked past them we couldn't help but read what some of them said, (often making us late for whatever we were doing because we ended up reading far to many of them) - they were so heart warming and helped us enormously with our loss. 

When my dad committed suicide, I remember in the days to follow feeling a whirlwind of emotions, a lot of anger, massive loss and a whole load of guilt, the shock surrounding my dads death made it difficult to see the good memories and his death completely blind sighted the happy memories I had with him. These notes helped us through, to see past his suicide and remember the great and lasting memories everyone had shared with him.

By the end of the memorial and the first year after my dads death we were left with so many notes and messages of condolences, Mum, Krissy and I wanted to share some with you.

In the first year of Dads death, (2013- 2014) we raised a whopping £1,200 - we cannot thank you enough for this kind and generous donation, and after lots of reading, researching and documentary watching, yesterday on the eve of Dads second anniversary we watched an extremely poignant documentary "Life after Suicide" on the BBC which featured a charity funded solely on donations called Maytree. Immediately it caught our attention and decided that this is where we would like to donate a majority of Dads donation, with the rest going to SOBS who helped us enormously in the first year of our grieving process.


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  1. How the years pass and already the third anniversary is approaching. Surendra, always made time for anyone and everyone. Myself and Jackie spent so much time there in the end we just moved into 247. Like everyone, i remember his beaming smile and the uncanny knack of making you laugh. He would sometimes get his words mixed up. One particular time we were going out to a Chinese restaurant in Walthamstow for a birthday bash and he was on the phone to the owner (he knew) the conversation ended with 'alright then mate we will see you at 7.30 and a ching chong'. I burst out laughing as i knew he meant to say a chin wag. Missed dearly. Mickyboy