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The Shrimps X Sophia Webster mule has been crowned shoe of the week. Solange Knowles, the most notable celebrity has been seen wearing them during Paris Fashion Week. She loved them so much, she now owns them in the 2 colours that are available. The powerful pairing between Shrimps and Sophia Webster have since released a second leather and faux fur platform sandal, which recently featured in April's Vogue issue. The collaboration was inevitable, the use of faux fur that Shrimps are famous for, and the quirk of Sophia Websters designs, were bound to be a match made in heaven. The mules are available in an  Opal Grey or a Sunshine Yellow - I just love the yellow version (I have a dark skin tone so I can imagine the colour popping better - Look at me imagining I already have them! Haha!) They both come with a  transparent 100mm high acrylic heel and a fluffy faux fur band which is bang on trend this season, so if they‘re good enough for Queen B’s sister they are good enough for me! I absolutely adore them, and you should expect to see them a lot more in the coming months. Mules have really made a come back - it has taken some time, but they have eventually grown on me. I wasn't a huge fan at first but the more I see them styled differently, or designed differently the more I want a pair - which was a given as they are shoes after all, it was just a matter of time!

Sunshine Yellow Mule - £550, 100mm Acrylic Heel

Mule - 2 colours available


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