My sister swears by Shoeaholics, she is an avid Kurt Geiger and Nine West shoe buyer and when she buys from Shoeaholics its fair to say she buys in bulk. So I thought it was only fair that I shared such a great online shoe buying secret with you lovely lot. It offers a great shopping experience with affordable price tags from high street brands. The website works by using an ‘outlet’ system, much like Bicester village and McArthur Glenn and is operated by Kurt Geiger, which is why you will see a lot of their ranges, sub ranges and ranges that they partner with on the site. The shoes are often still in season just cheaper even in the sale. Better yet they offer further discount if you sign up to their newsletter with offers sometimes that are too enticing to ignore, and if that wasn’t enough they also have some great deals for men to! My favourite way to shop on the site is by looking at their pricing categories (£19, £29, £39, £49, £59 and £69) you can get some fantastic deals by looking through them and you’ll be surprised at what’s available even in the cheaper categories. Just so you have an idea of what’s available, I have picked out my favourite shoes from each pricing category.

'Annie' - Brown Suede, 140mm heel - perfect for the 70's trend (Was £140 86% off)

'Aster' - Black Leather, 100mm Heel. (Was £130, 78%off)

'Gerald' - Black Sudette, 105mm Heel. (Was £100, 61% off)

'Alana' - Pony Effect, 100mm Heel. (Was £80, 39% off)

'Lisbeth' - Pink Fabric, 105mm Heel. (Was £110, 46% off)

'Aspire' - Black leather, 90mm Heel. (Was £140, 51% off)


£12-£70 - again varies depending on deals and offers




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